X-mas Fashion Frame Contests

Loki Prime void warframe

FashionFrame Contest in the alliance!

So christmas is getting closer and we thought it might be fun to throw off a x-mas themed fashion frame contest in the alliance!

So get your best swagger on the favorite frame of your choice!

The rules are simple:

  • Must be X-mas themed.
  • Post your submission in the channel #x-mas-fashionframe
  • You may only submit one image!
  • Contest ends on the 17th of December.
    The fashion frame with the most upvotes will be the winning one.
    (Vote with up arrow reaction).
  • No limitations in terms of pets, weapons etc.Just make sure you look in your absolute best Christmas mode!
  • No image editors allowed such as Photoshop to edit/alter the image!

Enter now and you might win something really awesome, plus additional platinum!


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Posted on 17/12/2017 in Events

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