What We Do

What we really do….

Well usually we spend our time doing dumb things like running half naked in the void and streaking while trying to hug our old time friend Captain Vor or simply just teabagging those poor tagets! We never really understood why they keep running away from us! Like WTF! We are so nice and friendly people, and they just go ape shit crazy on us??? Like Seriously? 

Right let’s be a bit serious here.. Our aim is to create and maintain international friendly community of gamers from all over the world where everyone is accepted and respected for who they are, no matter of their background. We don’t even care if you really like to streak butt naked in the void or in the plains of eidolon! 
















Our goals are to be an active alliance that participate in whatever the game developers throw at us and keep striving towards being one of the leading alliances within warframe. We will whenever we consider it fun, control parts of the game and be a dominating force. We are also not locked into one game, but will from time to time add new games to the alliance that members can enjoy and play with their friends within our gaming community. Games come and go and wither out, but we intend to stay longer than that.  More about that is something you can read here in the games section. 

We have systems in place to help and support both clan owners and their members for the best experience of being an active member of the alliance in terms of getting help, maintaining clans and running them, recruiting new members etc.  We have people from all walks of life and the general age is between 18 to 40 that are very experienced gamers which enables us to support our members of our community in the best fashion. 

Pretty dope monkey business we got going on here, right?

Hell yeah, it’s freaking awesome! So join our Discord server here or join with your clan now!

Are you just casual player and not a clan owner and you are just looking to join a sweet ass clan with friendly clannies? Not a problem! Just check this out!

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