Warframe Spiderman Cinema Movie Trailer

So apparently when you go and watch the Spider-Man: Far From Home movie which is running currently in selected cinemas in USA and Canada and this amazing Warframe movie trailer which played too ahead of TennoCon 2019..

Basically it is showing war scenes from the old war, but it is post-war as we see a Volt Warframe fighting the Dax soldiers which were the elite guard of the Orokin. So clearly the break up with the Orokin and Tennos has begun.

There is also a young woman praying the the Warframe statues and fleeing from the Grineer soldiers in the movie clip which reference is more or less unknown.

She could be an operator or new character that will be added to the game, maybe even the sentient Lotus in her human form?


Nothing is so far officially mentioned or confirmed by DE except for that Digital Extremes' Community Manager Rebecca Ford aka also known for the role of playing the Lotus is confirming that there is a new player experience coming which probably will be released or shown at the TennoCon 20019.

So who do you think she might be and what is this movie trailer about?

I guess we all find out sooner or later this year!