Warframe Event Contest Rules

During this event you can with your team in your voice sqaud win awesome prizes! The best squad will take it all home and win the following:

    • One Prime Warframe
    • One Prime Primary Weapon
    • One Primary Secondary Weapon
    • One Prime Melee
    • Two Unvailed Rivens Mods.

    Each of the squads four members wins the whole lot!

    The competition runs as follows:

    Friday to Saturday:

    Lua Speed run (Spy mission), fastest Squad wins the first contest day

    Saturday to Sunday:

    Arbitration run, the squad with the most vitus essense wins the last round!


    Record the run with with your team or send the @adminteam a screenshot of the ending game screen when the run is over.
    You and your team mates must play in the same voice chat squad!
    You must use a mic/headset to enter the event and contest.
    You must play from a voice squad in the PA Discord server. Not from your own Discord server!
    Event ends Sunday 14th July 2019 at 21:00 CET 

  • Can I invite a friend to the event?
    Yes Of course! They can join the event through our server here: 
    https://planetary-alliance.com/alliance-discord/ and just click connect in the Discord widget...

  • Competition stats at 21:00 CET, so get your team ready!

    Good Luck Tenno, may the best squad win!

    Disclaimer: If we do not have at least 3 voice chat squads of 3 x 4 people then Planetary Alliance reserves the right to void the contest.If not the prizes are claimed within a week from start date of the competition then we will consider the prize forfeited and voided.