Are you struggling with placing the Warframe Railjack drydock in your dojo?

Here is the bounds for all of you struggling to place the drydock in your clan's dojo!

Finding the right place for the railjack hangar can be a bit a of a struggle and problematic because of it's huge size and if place in the wrong spot it can block you from further building the dojo.

Here is a few images to give you an idea of how huge it really is:


Planetary Alliance | railjack drydock vs observatory Warframe dojo rising tide


Planetary Alliance | dojo warframe drydock rising tide



As you clearly can see it takes up a lot of dojo real estate so you need plan ahead when building the railjack drydock in your dojo.We found a Warframe Dojo builder that is very useful for planning the build of your dojo.Here is a video for you below were you can see the dojo builder in action:

Video preview of the Clan Dojo build planner

According to the website it is very new (Alpha build), and still in active development but we tried it and it works very well for the purpose.

You can find the Warframe Clan Dojo build planner here: