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Apply for alliance clan membership

* Requirements:

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Your clan must have as a rule of thumb at least 85% of the clan member slots filled with active members and make sure that your clan members are active. If you currently have less than that, then it is expected to recruit new members to live up to that requirement.
All warlords must join our Discord server for administrative purposes and join the Warlord channel. The warlords must stay active on our server. We encourage that regular members join the server too, but it is not a requirement that they must join. However the more people the merrier, plus if they do not join they will miss out on loads of fun, events, Discord giveaways, and other very useful features which you can read more about here!
You must report to the admin team, (@operators) changes of your IGN, Discord ID, if you are away from the game for a longer time.

The rules of the alliance, as well as Digital Extremes TOS, (Can be found on our Discord server.), applies both in-game and on the alliance server and must be abided to by yourself and your members. It is important that your members understand what is Ok or not for the greater good of our sweet community.

Report monthly and answer to roll calls by sending your number of members and any other changes to @recruiter.
If you have any questions before applying, then contact us with your questions!



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Clan tier size?

What region is your clan based? (Most of the members location)

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