High council of the warlords arises

We are pleased to announce that we are introducing high council of the warlords which is a open forum meeting for all Warlords in the alliance to get their voice heard and being able to influence the future development of the alliance.

The intention is to give everyone an opportunity to give feedback and talk about how we can improve the alliance and plan and discuss things as game events and other related game activities that makes it more fun and engaging for all members of the alliance.

So here is also your chance to be more involved and take a more active part in Planetary Alliance!

This is also the chance to present your member’s wishes and any concerns they might have to the alliance so we can listen, act and improve on that feedback as a whole community.

The meetings will be held every first Saturday in the beginning of each new month and the meetings are mandatory for all warlords for now (We might change this in the future). Failing to join the meetings will result in bad standing in the alliance for your clan and if repeatedly not showing up at the monthly high council meetings it will result in being expelled from the alliance.

We will also perform roll calls on these meetings so make sure you have total check on your members and the count of active members.

The first high council meeting will be held at Saturday, on the 3rd November 2018 at 20:00 UTC Standard time. Time zone converter here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

The meeting will be held over voice in the clan officers channels on our PA Discord server.
We expect you to attend on voice. If you do not want to speak then that is fine. We respect your privacy, but you need then to listen in the meeting voice channel and write/respond in the warlord chat instead.

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