The Planetary Alliance is welcoming all members of the High Council!

Almost 5 years have passed since the alliance started as a Warframe alliance and much has happened since then. We made some major achievements in becoming one of the largest alliances in the game and other Warframe alliances have been our members and spawned from us such as the Gilded Phoenix alliance.

We had for a long time a discussion going on in the admin teams and our clans about Warframe and how the game has over the last 2+ years showed signs of a slowly dying game and how we as an alliance can evolve to something different, something better and stronger and how we can progress into a Multi-Gaming Community and move away from Warframe (we’re not leaving yet, just downsizing the game) and now we see strong signs that it is time to forge while the iron is still hot.

We, therefore, invite you, our dear alliance members to a High Council call on Saturday the 23rd of November 2019 at 21:00 CET where you can interact and be part of our coming future.

Please come with your good moods and ideas on how we can do this. This will be an open forum were everyone that wishes can have their voice heard to influence the alliance and be a part of our change to a stronger force within the gaming community.