We support BBCode on our forums and you can find a full detailed list of all BBcodes below in the table.

Available BBcodes on Planetary Alliance Forums

BBcode simple forum formatting
BBcode nameBBcode
Line Break
Horizontal Line
Heading Default
Heading with font size specified
[heading Font size={size}]{content}[/heading]
Highlight [Highlight] Default
Hightlight [Highlight] color text and background color
[highlight color="{color}" background="{color}"]{content}[/highlight]
Align: Center
Align: Right
Align: Left
Text Font Size
[size size="{size}"]{content}[/size]
Text Font Color
[color color="{color}"]{content}[/color]
Source Code Default
Source Code Language Defined
[scode lang="{language}"]{content}
Area Default
Area with Title
[area area="{title}"]{content}[/area]
List: Ordered
List: Unordered
List: Item
[anchor anchor="{anchor}"]{text}[/anchor]
Quote Default
Quote with ID /Listed
[quote quote={id}]{content}[/quote]
Spoiler Default
Spoiler with Specified Color and Mouse Hover color
[spoiler color="{color}" hover="{color}"]{content}[/spoiler]
Hide Default
Hide Post Count
[hide hide={post_count}]{content}[/hide]
Hide Reply
[hide hide="reply"]{content}[/hide]
Hide Thanks
[hide hide="thanks"]{content}[/hide]
Topic Default
Topic with Title
[topic topic={id}]{title}[/topic]
Reply Default
Reply with Title
[reply topic={id}]{title}[/reply]
BBcode Advanced Forum Formatting
BBcode nameBBcode
NFO Default
NFO with Title
[nfo title="{title}"]{content}[/nfo]
URLs/Links Default (Link address visible)
URLs/Links with Title (Only title visible, not the link address)
[url url="{link}"]{text}[/url]
Email Default
Email with Text
[email email="{email}"]{text}[/email]
Image Default
Image Specified with Width/Height 1
[img img="{width}x{height}"]{image_url}[/img]
Image Specified with Width/Height 2
[img width={x}height={y}]{image_url}[/img]
Attachment Default
[attachment file="{file}"]
Attachment Width/Height
[attachment file="{file}" width={x}height={y}]
Webshot [Screenshot] Default
Webshot [Screenshot] with Width/Height
[webshot width={width}]{url}[/webshot]
Embed using oEmbed Default
Embed using oEmbed 1
Embed using oEmbed 2
YouTube Video Default
YouTube Video Size Specificed 1
[youtube youtube={width}x{height}]{id}[/youtube]
YouTube Video Size Specificed 2
[youtube width={x}height={y}]{id}[/youtube]
YouTube Video URL
YouTube Video URL/Width/Height 1
[youtube youtube="{width}x{height}"]{url}[/youtube]
YouTube Video URL/Width/Height 2
[youtube width={x}height={y}]{url}[/youtube]
Vimeo Video Default
Vimeo Video Size Specificed 1
[vimeo vimeo="{width}x{height}"]{id}[/vimeo]
Vimeo Video Size Specificed 2
[vimeo width={x}height={y}]{id}[/vimeo]
Vimeo Video Size URL
Vimeo Video URL/Width/Height 1
[vimeo vimeo="{width}x{height}"]{url}[/vimeo]
Vimeo Video URL/Width/Height 2
[vimeo width={x}height={y}]{url}[/vimeo]
Google Search URL
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