Casual Voice Chat Weekend Event
12th - 14th July

Voice chat Angry Kid

So it's time for some fun times with your PA friends!

Next weekend we will run a casual voice chat weekend where we will just play games and have fun together on voice chat for fun and giggles while playing games we like.

We thought this could be a amazing fun to run a voice chat weekend, but also good timing now that Rail Jack is released, (Now called the Empyrean) and with the new game mode it will be heavily dependent on team work.

Now while the voice chat event isn't specifically focused on Warframe itself, we will run competitions where you can win awesome prizes, (to be determined by the admin team,  by playing in Warframe.  You can fiind the rules of the competition and the prizes here in this link:

You could also just play with your PA friends other games like for example Destiny, Assassins Creed, Battlefield or whatever you and your buddies decide to play in PA. The main point of this event is mainly y just focused on socializing with your PA friends and have a very fun times with loads of giggles and laughter! 😉

So get your mic and headset on and prepare yourself for a awesome weekend with fun, fun fun!

It's going to be, wait for it..

Barney Stinson Legendary Planetary Alliance

See you all in during the event in the PA voice chats from Friday to Sunday the 12th to 14th July and bring a friend or two also if you want! 🙂