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Warframe Competition | Casual Voice Chat Event 12th – 14th July

Warframe Event Contest Rules During this event you can with your team in your voice sqaud win awesome prizes! The best squad will take it all home and win the following: One Prime Warframe One Prime Primary Weapon One Primary Secondary Weapon One Prime Melee Two Unvailed Rivens Mods. Each of the squads four members…

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Voice Chat

Casual Voice Chat Weekend Event 12th – 14th July

Casual Voice Chat Weekend Event 12th – 14th July So it’s time for some fun times with your PA friends! Next weekend we will run a casual voice chat weekend where we will just play games and have fun together on voice chat for fun and giggles while playing games we like. We thought this…

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Warframe Movie Trailer 2019 Kubrow Volt

Warframe Spiderman Cinema Movie Trailer 2019

Warframe Spiderman Cinema Movie Trailer So apparently when you go and watch the Spider-Man: Far From Home movie which is running currently in selected cinemas in USA and Canada and this amazing Warframe movie trailer which played too ahead of TennoCon 2019.. Basically it is showing war scenes from the old war, but it is…

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Fashion Frame/Fight Night Event

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Lua ancient Orokin hall moon Warframe

High council of the warlords arises.

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Loki Prime void warframe

X-mas Fashion Frame Contests

FashionFrame Contest in the alliance! So christmas is getting closer and we thought it might be fun to throw off a x-mas themed fashion frame contest in the alliance! So get your best swagger on the favorite frame of your choice! The rules are simple: Must be X-mas themed. Post your submission in the channel…

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Warlords Game Night!

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POE_Grineers Plains of Eidolon


PLAINS OF EIDOLON Welcome to the Plains of Eidolon. Sentients once fought on this battleground in an attempt to destroy a massive Orokin Tower that the Ostrons now call home. The Sentients’ defeat is forever immortalized in the ancient graveyard that litters the Landscape. Time in the Plains cycles the same for all Tenno. For…

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