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    Join the alliance Discord server and interact with our awesome community of gamers

    Join our server and get access to powerful server features that helps you be a better Warframe player.

    [fancy_header type=”3″ subtitle=”for type=2″]Sweet Server features[/fancy_header]

    • Music lounges! Chill to sweet tunes of your favorite songs while your gaming with your buddies!
    • Weekly discord giveaways where you can win awesome stuff
    • Warframe bots to lookup in-game trading prices, look up information on warframe items on WF wiki, raid stats and much more
    • Harvest the powers of our Cephalon helpers that helps you with questions about the game that you cannot find or even get help with a mission in-game if needed! Simply just mention @cephalon +question!
    • Scheduled in-game events and competitions

    [fancy_header type=”2″ subtitle=”Join now and reap the benefits”]Anyone interested in Warframe is welcome to join our server![/fancy_header]